Untuk Tiga Hari is another adaptation from Ahadiat Akashah's novels. The movie was critically appraised by many viewers for presenting a strong moral message in a modern way. It was nominated for the AIFFA awards and the Malaysian Film Festival. 



Untuk Tiga Hari is a tale of a devoted couple, Afin and Ujie who are forced to separate upon the wishes of their parents. Afin convinces Ujie that for them to be together, they must marry their spouses and divorce after three days as the Islamic religion permits. Ujie is uncertain as it is only a man's right to divorce his wife in Islam. Ujie is adamant that if they prove their love to their parents, things will get better eventually. Stubborn Afin finally convinces her that she must do things to repulse her soon to be husband, she hesitantly subdues. The three days that ensue leads to an uproar in their new households. From bathing with traditional fish sauce to pepper spraying eyes, Ujie and Afin's spouses are confused with their lunacy but are still excited about their marriage. After torturing their spouses, Ujie and Afin realize that they cannot play around with other people's heart, let alone the purest most divine bond created by god. Will this realization be enough to follow through with their plan or will they stick to being happy where they are. This marks the tale of Untuk Tiga Hari.

General Information

Director: Afdlin Shauki

Producers: Tarantella Pictures Sdn Bhd & Astro Shaw Sdn Bhd
Screenwriters:  Afdlin Shauki & Ahadiat Akashah
Titular Translation: For Three Days
Genre: Romance, Drama 

Main Cast:  Afdlin Shauki    Vanidah Imran    Rashidi Ishak    Ayu Raudah

Supporting Cast: Zizan Nin  Fauziah Ahman Daud  Ainul Ashah

                                                            Dira Abu Zahar

Cinematographer: Helmi Yusoff

Editor: Kate James