OMBAK RINDU - HAFIZ & ADIRA (Official Music Video)

Tarantella Pictures is popular for branding each of its films with popular music videos and dramatic trailers. Below you will find a slew of trailers and music videos that have captured the hearts of the Malaysian audience. Above, in specific is our music video for the blockbuster film Ombak Rindu. Our viewers have given us over 3,500,000 views and the tune is hummed by many. 


Lagenda Budak Setan I
Lagenda Budak Setan II - Katerina
Lagenda Budak Setan III - Kasyah
Untuk Tiga Hari
Ombak Rindu
Pilot Cafe


Lautan- YUNA (Lagenda Budak Setan III)
Bicara - YUNA (Lagenda Budak Setan III)
Hampah - BAJAH (Lagenda Budak Setan II)
Sejati - Ning Baizura (Lagenda Budak Setan II)
Hazama & Fina - Delima Hatiku (Untuk Tiga Hari)
Joe Flizzow, DJ Fuzz and Aizat -
Dimanapun Engkau Berada (Untuk Tiga Hari)
Hafiz & Adira - Ombak Rindu (Ombak Rindu)
Gio - Bila Cinta (Lagenda Budak Setan)
Gio - Getar Hati (Lagenda Budak Setan)