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This novel emphasizes on a very handsome and attractive ex pilot named Ameer, 40 years old guy who builds a plane-shaped café with his own saving money after he quit his job as a pilot. He used to be a very playful guy who cheated many girls when he was younger and made this one attractive girl named Sharmilla, pregnant. He totally refused to be responsible for it because he did not love her. He asked Sharmilla to get aborted, so they can continue their relationship after that. Sharmilla felt humiliated with Ameer’s words and decided to leave from his life. She was so in love with Ameer but was hurt when Ameer confessed that he didn’t love her as she did.After few years then, Ameer’s best friend, Harris has an accident while he was piloting the plane. Ameer felt traumatic to see his own best friend die and quits his job. He decides to open a café in order to repent for his sins towards so many people back then and promises to always help other people in future. That is the time where he meets Maya, a very pretty, young and village girl, aged 21, at his café. A taxi driver took maya for a ride and she ends up sitting at Ameer’s café.

He looks at Maya as a very attractive girl with sad eyes. He decides to approach Maya to know about her problems and tries to help her to sort it out. Maya has run away from her village after she got pregnant with her long-time village boyfriend, Rashid. They are too young to get married. Rashid has nothing to give to Maya even though he loves her so much.Maya is afraid to return back home as her family is very religious and she is afraid to get killed if they know about her pregnancy.

Ameer decides to help her as Maya is somehow reflects Sharmilla in his life. Sharmilla was a very nice and honest girl that he had lost back then. Maya has similar characters like Sharmilla that makes Ameer feels he misses her so much and he regrets to feel the love after Sharmilla is gone. Ameer decides to bring Maya home after she gives birth and admits that he is Maya’s husband to avoid her family’s anger towards her. During the process of helping her, he somehow falls in love with Maya, just like he had fallen in love with Sharmilla. He decides to take care of Maya and her baby just like his own baby. But then Rashid comes to Maya again and wants to take responsibility for what he has done to Maya.

He can’t deny his love for Maya and Maya is still in love with him too. Ameer decides to let them be together and leaves. Now that he knows how painful it is to love someone very deeply but got dumped. He regrets hurting Sharmilla. Sitting on a chair, relaxing his mind, he is having a cup of coffee at his café. He is distracted when he sees Sharmilla enters with a cute boy. The boy looks just like him when he was a kid. They look at each other with all the flashback of their bittersweet memories.

The cute boy makes him feels bad for not being a good father. The difference is Sharmilla has found her new love, which is her husband, Dr Khaleed, while Ameer is still single and lonely guy who had broken her heart long time ago. Sharmilla has forgiven him, but yet, he still loves Sharmilla although he knows that they can’t be back together again.

General Information

Director: Osman Ali

Producers: Sharad Sharan and Renu Sharan
Screenwriter:  Jujur Prananto & Ahadiat Akashah

Genre: Romance, Drama 

Main Cast:  Fahrin Ahmad    Izara Aishah    Remy Ishak     Neelofa                      Cinematographer: Mike Muschamp

Editor: Affandi Jamaluddin