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In a patriarchal society, man seldom respects a woman unless it is written in his destiny to do so. Similar to this idea is a story about wealthy entrepreneur Harriz who meets Izzah and his destiny changes. Izzah is forced upon the filthy prostitution racket when her uncle sells her to a crime syndicate to settle his overdue dept. Izzah has to suffer a terrible life and can do nothing but remain astray. Hariz, who often patronizes the towns’ nightclubs meets Izzah one night. He finds her different, unlike the many girls he has met before he sees something unique in her from their first glance. She lives up to a powerful personality, something Hariz is longing to see in a woman. Being the notorious bad boy that he is, he soon seeks a transformation by slowly admiring Izzah and her ways. In an opportunity to get out of the black hole that she is in, Izzah asks Hariz to protect her dignity. Hariz, blind sighted by his emotions agrees instantly to marry her. Hariz's old ways and Izzah's wisdom make their relationship a tough one to endure, especially since their marriage is hidden.  Hariz is always confronted by the question of whether his love was true or a result of his foolish impulse. Izzah however believes that his love his genuine and convinces him so.

General Information

Director: Osman Ali

Producers: Tarantella Pictures Sdn Bhd & Astro Shaw Sdn Bhd
Screenwriter: Armantono

Titular Translation: Missing Waves
Genre: Romance, Drama 

Main Cast: Maya Karin   Aaron Aziz    Lisa Surihani   Bront Palarae

Supporting Cast:  Juia Ziegler    Azizah Mahzan     Zaidi Omar                  

                                         Norma Dama Nhuri     Kamarul 

Cinematographer: Khalid Zakaria

Editor: Affandi Jamaludin


Ombak Rindu is an adaptation of a popular novel from the famous Malaysian writer Fauziah Ashari. This title was a phenomena in Malaysia. It currently stands as the highest grossing film of the nation. An average local cinemagoer of Malaysia is said to have watched the movie at least 3 times. The film was critically acclaimed in the Asian Film Festival Awards and won 3 awards locally.