Lagenda Budak Setan (LBS) II - 'Katerina' is the second part of the LBS series. The film is well known amongst the Malaysian audience and has been nominated for the local Malaysian Film awards. It was also selected for the AIIFA awards and the Asian Pacific film festival.    


6 months have passed since the tragic death of Ayu. Kasyah has a hard time accepting the loss of his wife. He is taking care of his child, Atirah, as a single father. Katerina, his ex-client has not gotten over her affection for Kasyah. With time Katerina and Kasyah become close friends, although he cannot get any closer. Old memories haunt him and the nudging thought of allowing another woman to becoming Atirah's mother is too difficult to accept. His loneliness and pain does not go unnoticed, Katerina helps him through tough times. Her patience and love eventually brings him out of his misery and he moves on by asking for her hand. Chaos ensues as Katerina asks her parents to allow Kasyah into her life. Initially agreeing, her mother Ibu Sofea decides that Kasyah has brought too much agony to the family. Ibu Sofea reminds Katerina of how hard it was for the family to deal with a suicidal and depressed daughter when Kasyah married Ayu. Moreover, the proposal is also affected when Katerina's obsessed lover Sofean comes back into the picture.


Director: Sharad Sharan

Producers: Tarantella Pictures Sdn Bhd & Astro Shaw Sdn Bhd
Screenwriter:  Jujur Prananto & Ahadiat Akashah

Titular Translation: Legend of the Naughty Boy II - 'Katerina'
Genre: Romance, Drama 

Main Cast: Farid Kamil   Maya Karin    Bront Palarae

Supporting Cast: Azri Iskandar   Sheila Mambo    Marissa Yasmin                  

                                        Lana Nodin     Zack Cool

Cinematographer: Mike Muschamp

Editor: Kate James

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