Director: Sharad Sharan

Producers: Tarantella Pictures Sdn Bhd & Astro Shaw Sdn Bhd
Screenwriters:  Jujur Prananto & Ahadiat Akashah
Titular Translation: Legend of the Naughty Boy I
Genre: Romance, Drama 

Main Cast: Farid Kamil  Lisa Surihani  Que Haidar  Nur Fazura

Supporting Cast: Shiqin Kamal  Raja Farah  Nubhan AF6                  

                                        Sheila Mambo  Syed Nabil  Zoey Rahman

Cinematographer: Mike Muschamp

Editor: Kate James

General Information



Lagenda Budak Setan is an adaptation from Malaysia's best selling Novel written by Ahadiat Akashah. During its release in 2010, it broke the box office record for the highest grossing drama film in Malaysia. The tunes of the song became really popular among the people. Moreover, the film was critically acclaimed by the Asian Film Festival Awards and won 5 awards locally. 


The love saga of Ayu and Kasyah begins when the morally strong college girl falls in love with the naughtiest boy on campus. Towards the end of their college life, Ayu promises to marry Kasyah if he finishes his internship and graduates. Upon coming back, having rarely heard from Ayu, Kasyah discovers that she has left with her

ex-lover Azmi. He is broken hearted, although he searches for her, he never finds out where she went. He uncovers that Ayu had met with a bad accident and no one knows what happened to her since. Trying to fit the pieces, he slowly lets go by becoming a freelance photographer and immersing with his work. His first client Katerina, is drawn to him in an instant. Katerina tries her level best to get close to Kasyah but he cannot let go of Ayu. He then meets Emiliya who is more demanding as a client than Katerina. Although tough, her voice and smile reminds him promptly of Ayu and he feels the same connection. Who is Emiliya and what is her relation to Ayu is the question that always rings in his mind. For everything about Emilya is so similar, it cannot be a coincidence. Is Kasyah loosing his mind by not letting go or has he finally found Ayu? This is only the beginning of the epic love saga entitled Lagenda Budak Setan I.