Directors:  Afdlin Shauki

Screenwriters: Ahadiat Akashah & Afdlin Shauki

Titular Translation: For Three Days ​

Genre:  Romance, Drama, Comedy

Untuk Tiga Hari is a tale of a devoted couple, Afin and Ujie who are forced to separate upon the wishes of their parents. Afin convinces Ujie that for them to be together, they must marry their spouses and divorce after three days as the Islamic religion permits. Ujie is uncertain as it is only a man's right to divorce his wife in Islam. Ujie is adamant that if they prove their love to their parents, things will get better eventually. Stubborn Afin finally convinces her that she must do things to repulse her soon to be husband, she hesitantly subdues. The three days that ensue leads to an uproar in their new households. From bathing with traditional fish sauce to pepper spraying eyes, Ujie and Afin's spouses are confused with their lunacy but are still excited about their marriage. After torturing their spouses, Ujie and Afin realize that they cannot play around with other people's heart, let alone the purest most divine bond created by god. Will this realization be enough to follow through with their plan or will they stick to being happy where they are. This marks the tale of Untuk Tiga Hari.



6 months have passed since the tragic death of Ayu. Kasyah has a hard time accepting the loss of his wife. He is taking care of his child, Atirah, as a single father. Katerina, his ex-boss has not gotten over her affection for Kasyah. With time Katerina and Kasyah become close friends, although he cannot get any closer. Old memories haunt him and the nudging thought of allowing another woman to becoming Atirah's mother is too difficult to accept. His loneliness and pain does not go unnoticed, Katerina helps him through tough times. Her patience and love eventually brings him out of his misery and he moves on by asking for her hand. Chaos ensues as Katerina asks her parents to allow Kasyah into her life. Initially agreeing, her mother Ibu Sofea decides that Kasyah has brought too much agony to the family. Ibu Sofea reminds Katerina of how hard it was for the family to deal with a suicidal and depressed daughter when Kasyah married Ayu. Moreover, the proposal is also affected when Katerina's obsessed lover Sofean comes back into the picture. 

Directors:  Sharad Sharan

Screenwriters:  Ahadiat Akashah & Jujur Prananto

Titular Translation: Legend of the Naughty Boy II - 'Katerina'​

Genre:  Romance, Drama



Directors:  Osman Ali

Screenwriter: Fauziah Ashari

Titular Translation: Missing Waves

Genre:  Romance, Drama

In a patriarchal society, man seldom respects a woman unless it is written in his destiny to do so. Similar to this idea is a story about wealthy entrepreneur Harriz who meets Izzah and his destiny changes. Izzah is forced upon the filthy prostitution racket when her uncle sells her to a crime syndicate to settle his overdue dept. Izzah has to suffer a terrible life and can do nothing but remain astray. Hariz, who often patronizes the towns’ nightclubs meets Izzah one night. He finds her different, unlike the many girls he has met before he sees something unique in her from their first glance. She lives up to a powerful personality, something Hariz is longing to see in a woman. Being the notorious bad boy that he is, he soon seeks a transformation by slowly admiring Izzah and her ways. In an opportunity to get out of the black hole that she is in, Izzah asks Hariz to protect her dignity. Hariz, blind sighted by his emotions agrees instantly to marry her. Hariz's old ways and Izzah's wisdom make their relationship a tough one to endure, especially since their marriage is hidden.  Hariz is always confronted by the question of whether his love was true or a result of his foolish impulse. Izzah however believes that his love his genuine and convinces him so. 


Directors:  Sharad Sharan

Screenwriter:  Ahadiat Akashah

Titular Translation: Legend of the Naughty Boy I

Genre:  Romance, Drama​

The love saga of Ayu and Kasyah begins when the morally strong college girl falls in love with the naughtiest boy on campus. Towards the end of their college life, Ayu promises to marry Kasyah if he finishes his internship and graduates. Upon coming back, having rarely heard from Ayu, Kasyah discovers that she has left with her ex-lover Azmi. He is broken hearted, although he searches for her, he never finds out where she went. He uncovers that Ayu had met with a bad accident and no one knows what happened to her since. Trying to fit the pieces, he slowly lets go by becoming a freelance photographer and immersing with his work. His first client Katerina, is drawn to him in an instant. Katerina tries her level best to get close to Kasyah but he cannot let go of Ayu. He then meets Emiliya who is more demanding as a client than Katerina. Although tough, her voice and smile reminds him promptly of Ayu and he feels the same connection. Who is Emiliya and what is her relation to Ayu is the question that always rings in his mind. For everything about Emilya is so similar, it cannot be a coincidence. Is Kasyah loosing his mind by not letting go or has he finally found Ayu? This is only the beginning of the epic love saga entitled Lagenda Budak Setan I.