Setan, Malaysia’s leading box office film in the romantic genre and Ombak Rindu, the highest grosser of Malaysian cinema. The rest have been nominated for 18 categories in major Asian film festivals and a few are to release soon. Tarantella Pictures Sdn Bhd is on track to make more feature films based on Malay bestselling novels and original scripts of diverse genres. The quality of films has met with international standards of production and post-production.​


Despite shifting its focus to filmmaking, Tarantella Pictures has not forgotten its roots in television. The company has successfully produced two television series of 26 episodes each in 2011 & 2012. It now has a vision to move further and combine stories from many successful writers from the region and beyond to produce quality TV dramas and TV films to satisfy the growing demand of the viewers. It is also in talks with major TV channels of the region to start a reality TV show.


Over the years, with the help of our brilliant and hardworking staff, the company has integrated creative excellence with an effective corporate work culture of transparency and accountability. Tarantella Pictures is an amalgamation of creative, administrative and marketing talent that is expanding greatly.



"Tarantella Pictures is an amalgamation of creative, administrative and marketing talent that is expanding greatly."


Tarantella (A traditional form of 'song and dance' in Northern Italy) was launched in the year 1995, since then it invests in the best talent of the South East Asian industry and delivers world-class entertainment in any language and genre. The company has had many successful feature films, tele-films and daily soaps to its merit. It combines the richness of human emotions and the finesse of technological advancement to create quality entertainment. The company focuses on conception, production and distribution of feature films and television programs primarily for the South East-Asian market.


Initially named Tarantella Television in Indonesia, the company was launched by Sharad and Renu Sharan in 1995. It developed over 70000 minutes (around 1500 episodes and over 38 titles) of television programming in collaboration with PT Tripar Multivision Plus, the pioneers of television programming at the time. Out of the 38 titles, 30 were listed on the top ten list of Indonesian Television. One of the series, entitled Bidadari, ran for 15 seasons and was rated the number one series for 3 years consecutively. Moreover, Indonesia’s Ministry of Social and Youth Affairs awarded it ‘The Best Youth Series’ of 2003.


Tarantella Television was was re-established in May 2006 as Tarantella Pictures Sdn Bhd  to make feature films for the Malaysian market films. Two of which being Malaysia’s blockbuster titles; Lagenda Budak